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Monday Note – October 15-19, 2018

Oct. 15-19, 2018                              

Knowing Jesus, Growing in Faith, Serving God’s Children

Dear Preschool parents,                                                       

A Peek at the Week:

This week in Jesus Time we learn about Joseph and his brothers, found in Genesis 37 & 45.  We learn that sometimes people in families are mean or unfair to each other, but through the power of the Holy Spirit, we know that Jesus forgives families when they treat each other unkindly and feel jealous or hateful.  He leads us to follow His ways.  He guides us to have forgiveness and peace in our families.  Our Bible words for this week are from Genesis 28:15, “God says, ‘I am with you always.’”

Monday- We will move onto learning about fire safety this week.  We will begin watching a short video that shows us the special gear that firefighters wear to keep them safe and that they are our helpers when there is a fire.  We will also visit our school library to check out new books for the week.

Wednesday-We will have chapel in the morning, led by Pastor Edwards, from Our Redeemer Lutheran.  This month our Chapel offering goes to help the American Brain Tumor Association.  We will have music time with Mrs. Schmitz and will watch the second part of our fire safety video and learn about “Stop, Drop, and Roll.”  Please ask your little to show you how to perform this skill at home! J

Friday-We will also watch the third part of our fire safety video and learn how to crawl low under smoke to get to the exit.  We will take a look at different exit signs around the building.  This is a great time to show your little your smoke detectors in your home, too.

Books of the Week: I Am Fire by Jean Marzollo, A Visit to the Fire Station by B.A. Hoena and Fire Engine Man by Andrea Zimmerman

From the Teacher’s Desk:

*Cookie dough will be here this Wednesday for pick-up between 3:00-5:30pm.  If you sold cookie dough, please make sure to be there to pick-up your orders or make arrangements for someone to grab it as we do not have extra freezer space.

*There will be no preschool Thursday, Nov. 1st and no preschool or daycare Friday, Nov. 2nd due to parent-teacher conferences.  Enrichment will be available Thursday morning, but only until 11:15am.  There will be no daycare Thursday afternoon or Friday.

*Parent-teacher conference time sign-up forms will be in the sign-in folders soon! We like to meet with everyone for fall conferences to touch base and communicate with you about your little.

*If you were not happy with your little’s school pictures, we will be having picture re-takes on Friday, Nov. 9 in the morning. Just bring back that original packet and we’ll try it again!

Have a great week!  Zion 342-5749    Email:

All because of Jesus,        Hope Genzlinger