Preschool – TR

Preschool may be your child’s first separation from home, the first experience with a peer group and a substitute authority figure. Therefore, the young child has a lot of social learning to do. In the cocoon of the preschool, children can grow from a self-centered world of “i” to the world of interactive “we”. Through exploring and inquiring, children learn to solve problems.

PLAY is the child’s work. Much of children’s motor play is preparatory to later cognitive development. Spatial relationships, balance and the power of gravity are learned through building with blocks. In climbing and running they develop motor skills and the perceptual coordination involved in reading and writing. So we provide a variety of play opportunities designed to help your child develop in various ways.

By taking advantage of the many innovations in early childhood teaching techniques and materials, a solid foundation can be laid for future learning. By talk of sounds made by animals, foundations are laid for later auditory discrimination experiences. By freeing children from inhiitions, they learn to express themselves at an early age. By categorizing objects, mathematical concepts are laid. In short, preschool can open a young child’s awareness of their Lord’s world and stir their curiosity so as to make eager learners in their kindergarten and future schooling years.