1st Grade

1st Grade

Monday Note – May 13, 2019

Jesus Time – We will be learning about Pentecost and Paul Believes and then Escapes in a Basket.

Phonics/Word Study – We will learning about word endings -ce, -ve, and -se.

Grammar – We will be focusing on articles – “an” which only comes before nouns that start with a vowel. We will be using the book Owl Moon.

Math – We will be reviewing doubles and addition story problems.

Science – We will be learning about what makes day time and night time.

Soc.St./ Health – We will be learning about life around the world.

Spanish –
I can celebrate my accomplishments in Spanish.

Parent Reminders

  • Field Trip to Bear Country Tuesday, May 21st. We will be leaving here at 8:20 and returning at or before lunch.
    • $1 per person including drivers.
  • 5th Grade Graduation @7pm, Monday, May 20th
  • Last Day of School, Dismiss @ 11:15, Chapel @ 8:30am Pastor Winckler leads

For important dates please visit the school calendar!

Spelling List

Spelling Words: None

Spelling Test – None

Memory Work