1st Grade

1st Grade

1st Grade


Monday Note – November 19, 2018

Jesus Time – We will learn about Solomon Builds a Temple and Jehoshaphat.

Phonics/Word Study – We will learn about the short a (CVC) and Long a (CVCe and CVVC).   C=consonant, V = vowel

Grammar – We will be learning about verbs using the book “Turk and Runt”.

Math – We will be identifying and sorting shapes by common attributes.

Science – We will learn about how to stay healthy.

Soc.St./ Health – We will be learning about the four cardinal directions and describing various customs and traditions and what they’re important.

Spanish – I know the days of the week in Spanish.

Parent Reminders

12/30 Advent by Candlelight @6pm

12/2 Pk/K Christmas service @ 4pm

12/9 1st -5th Christmas service @4pm

For important dates please visit the school calendar!

Spelling List

None for this week!

Memory Work

None for this week