2nd Grade

2nd Grade

2nd Grade


Monday Note – November 12, 2018

December Chapel Theme: Advent Services

I can read with fluency to promote understanding of a grade level text. I can solve start and change unknown story problems. I can understand that God is with me in the Good and the Bad times of my life.
I can learn about Lewis and Clark’s expedition across South Dakota.I can learn about body systems and how they work together.We will be using writing to for religion because of Christmas program practice.
Social StudiesArtWord Study
I can learn about Lewis and Clark’s expedition across South Dakota.I can create a God’s eye project. I can learn about compound words by using a sentence from Diray of a Worm.
Words Their Way Spanish Scholastic News
I can learn more about homophones and their spelling patterns. I can sing the Christmas song in Spanish.I can develop study the history of gingerbread and select key details to write about.

Chapel Offering: Chapel offering for December will benefit the South Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch.

Christmas Program: The Christmas program is Sunday December 9, 2018 at 4PM. Your child needs to be at Zion no earlier than 3:40 please. Have them report to their classroom to get off coats and into program order. Also as you all know parking is limited for our Christmas Programs, if possible please carpool to limit the number of parking spaces need by families.

Scholastic Book Order: In the Monday note today you will find a Scholastic book order. If you choose to order online, there is a classroom code for you to use on the website (NB3TY). OR you can bring the paper copies to the classroom with a check made out to Scholastic Reading Club-NO CASH PLEASE! Orders are due December 7th. If I submit the orders on the 7th the order should be here before Christmas break. With that in mind we know the mail is backed up during the holiday season. I will make no promises that the order will arrive in time for them to be here before the Christmas break.

Always check your child’s Monday folder. It goes home every Monday (or the first school day of the week). It will contain important papers. It will also have your child’s work in it for you to look at, so you can see how your child is doing. Please have your child return the folder to school each Tuesday (or the following day we have school).

For important dates please visit the school calendar!

Spelling List

Test On: 12/7/18
Spelling Focus: ending digraphs

  1. who
  2. other
  3. new
  4. knew
  5. with
  6. math
  7. such
  8. much
  9. wash
  10. both

Memory Work

Memory Work
Test On: 12/7/2018

You shall not commit adultery.