2nd Grade

2nd Grade

About 2nd Grade–

~ Mission Statement~
Knowing Jesus. Growing in Faith. Serving with Love.

By Knowing Jesus, 
we develop the kind of Christ-like character that will make the graduates of our school Christian leaders in the church and world.
By Growing in Faith, 
we maintain the highest standards of academic excellence in elementary school education integrated with, and related to, the teachings of God’s Word.
By Serving with Love, 
we provide a loving environment for children to discover, develop, and use their God-given talents in service to others and to His glory.

Curriculum and Enrichment

God’s love is the motivating force in our curriculum. We integrate our faith into everything we do. We have chapel on Wednesday and a special Bible lesson time each day, along with classroom devotions. We have taken our State standards and implemented them in all our subjects. We use the guided reading and writer’s workshop philosophy, which allows all students to grow at their pace, and become good readers and writers. We use an inquiry based math program that allows children to manipulate and verbalize what they are learning about numbers. The following list gives a base for what the students are learning but teachers supplement with a variety of resources, as needed.

  • Christian Learning:  Bible and One In Christ
  • Math: Investigations
  • Language Arts: Fountas & Pinnell (reading and comprehension)
    Word’s Their Way (phonics, phonetic awareness)
  • Writing: Lucy Calkins
  • Social Studies: Scott Foresman
  • Science:  Macmillan/McGraw-Hill
  • Specials: Music, Physical education, Spanish, Library
  • Technology:  document camera, promethian board,
    and other technology tools utilized for lessons

Field Trips and Special Days

Trips and special days are scheduled to coincide with thematic units and /or holidays.  Some examples include field trips to Outdoor Campus and Wastewater Treatment Plant.