3rd Grade

Zion Lutheran School

“Knowing Jesus, Growing in Faith, Serving God’s Children”

3rd grade Monday Note for the week of October 1-3, 2018

Events for the week:

10/1       Fine Arts 3-4pm

10/2       Music lessons begin with Mrs. Meloy

10/3       Chapel with 4th grade at 1:00p.m.

10-4-5, and 8       No school due to Teacher’s Conference in Pierre and Columbus Day

10/10     PTL meeting at 2:00

10/11     Young Rembrandt’s #4 from 3-4p.m.

10/15                   Midterm grades go home

Religion:  First Table of the Law, Who is the Holy Spirit?

Memory work:  no memory work due this week

Math: Adding 3 digit numbers with and without regrouping

Social Studies- Using cardinal and intermediate directions, urban, suburb, and rural communities

Science– Why do plants need roots and stems?

Spelling– Test WEDNESDAY over words with short and long o vowels sounds

English- regular and irregular nouns,

Handwriting – Ff and Gg

Reading- visualizing, Word Parts, Cause and Effect

Spelling List

Words with short and long o vowel sounds (due OCT. 3)

Memory Work

New Testament Books (ALL)  Due October 1st