From the Principal

From the Principal

December 2018

“Knowing Jesus, Growing in Faith, Serving God’s Children”

Angel! Angel!

Zion’s Preschool and Kindergarten classes did a beautiful job of sharing the message of Jesus’ birth on Sunday afternoon!

“Signs of Christmas”

 Please come and join us this Sunday at 4PM as the students in grades 1-5 present the Christmas message in word and song. The signs of Christmas are everywhere!  This Christmas musical points us to the true meaning of Christmas by looking at the signs all around us such as wreaths, candles, and Christmas presents.   Please join us to help celebrate the greatest gift of Christmas, given by the Father, His Son, Jesus!

Our inclement weather date will be Tuesday, December 11, at 6PM.

The entire staff of Zion Lutheran Church, School, and Preschool wishes you and your family a truly Christ-filled Christmas Season!

Special Worship Services at Zion

We invite our families who may not have a church home to worship with us at Zion during the Christmas Season.

  • Saturday, December 15, 5:30PM Sunday School Children’s Service
  • Sunday, December 16 Services 8 & 10:45 AM;  Christmas Caroling  @ Noon
  • Sunday, December 23 Service @ 10AM

No Sunday School

  • Christmas Eve, Monday, December 24, 5PM, & 7PM both evening services will be Candlelight Service          
  • Christmas Day Service, Tuesday, December 25, 10AM
  • Sunday, December 30, 10AM service

            No Sunday School


What a privilege it is to be able to worship our Lord each Sunday.  I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you as parents to take your children to church and Sunday School on a weekly basis so that your children will grow in their walk with the Lord.

Part of the Parents’ Personal Pledge found in our school handbook is your pledge to continue to make religion a part of home life by regular church attendance.  If you are an “Active Zion Member,” please be sure to sign the friendship pad, church attendance is reviewed on a semester basis for our “active members.”

If you do not have a home church, we invite you to Zion (Saturday Evening 5:30 PM, Sunday Morning 8 AM or 10:45 AM; Sunday School at 9:30 AM).  May God continue to bless you as you lead and nurture your children in their Christian life.

Please note that during the Advent Season our students will attend Zion’s Advent Service at 10 AM.  Children in preschool and kindergarten will have “Jesus Time” in their own classrooms on these Wednesdays.

The Power of Yet!

Failure is tough.  As Brock and Hundley state in The Growth Mindset Coach, “There is something so definite about failure; unlike “mistake” or “setback,” the finality of the word implies your goose is cooked. Over. Finito. Dunzo.  But the word yet?  Now that is a magical word. Yet conveys the promise of better things to come.  Yet is the future saying, “Hey you! I’m right up here. Come and get me!”

When we teach this to students, we often refer to it as a super power.  As a learner, you have the power to grow and develop.  When we face challenges, obstacles and failures we do not simply roll over and give up.  We seek these as opportunities to grow.  We tell kids, it is alright not to know YET.  However in order to make growth and progress we need to keep working hard.  Students see that they are in control of their own learning and have the power to grow and develop.   They didn’t fail forever, they are just not quite there yet!

This fall here at Zion I was working with a group of 4th graders on a complicated multiplication problem.  One young man replied, “Oh man, I’m not good at my x6 facts…yet.”  Without the simple word yet, the statement reads quite differently.  “I am not good at my x6 facts” implies that it is over, done and there is nothing I can do about it.  By adding the word yet, it changes the meaning to imply that learning is a journey that I am still traveling.  I will master my x6 facts someday as long as I keep trying and practicing. 

YET… three little letters with SO MUCH POWER!

Coming in January… Mistakes help me grow!


December Chapel Offerings will go to Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch.


                2      Preschool/ Kindergarten Christmas @ Service 4PM

                3      Girls’ Basketball Game @ Zion @ 6:30PM

                4      4th Grade Junior Achievement @ 1:30PM

                        Board of Christian Education Meeting @ 6PM

                5      Advent Services 10AM & 6PM

        Wednesday 5PM Meal

                6      Young Rembrandts #4 @ 3PM

                        Faculty Bible Study Meeting

7      Parents Night Out @ Just Jymnastics 7-10PM

8      Sunday School Christmas Program Practice 9AM-12PM (Speakers Only)         

     9     Grades 1-5 Christmas Service 4PM

10    Hearing Screenings for Preschool – Grade 3

        Girls’ Basketball Game @ Hermosa @ 6PM

        BHLS Christmas Concert & Program @ 6:30PM

11    Piano & Instrument Christmas Recital @ 8:30AM

        Hearing Screening for 3yr. Preschool

        Staff and Dorcas Luncheon 11:45AM-1PM

12    PTL Meeting @ 2PM

        5th grade Fruit Available for Pick-up @ 3PM

Advent Services 10AM & 6PM

        Wednesday 5PM Meal

13    Grades 3, 4, &5 Sing @ the Victorian @ 1:45PM

        Young Rembrandts #5 @3PM

        Faculty Book Study

14     Grades 1&2 Sing @ the Village @ 1PM

15    Sunday School Christmas Program Practice 9AM- Noon

        Sunday School Christmas Service @ 5:30PM

16    Zion Christmas Caroling @ Noon

        Kids Christmas Extravaganza Noon-5PM

18    4th & 5th Grade Spelling Bee @ 1PM

19    Advent Services 10AM & 6PM

        Wednesday 5PM Meal

        1st Grade Pizza Party for Cookie Dough Sales

20    Classroom Christmas Parties

        3PM All Classes Dismiss for Christmas Break

        Young Rembrandts # 6 @ 3PM

        Daycare until 5:30PM

January 3, 2019  All Classes Resume