From the Principal

From the Principal

October 2018

“Knowing Jesus, Growing in Faith, Serving God’s Children”

Remember there will be no School/Preschool/ Daycare on Thursday, Friday October 4th and 5th, or Monday October 8th.

The teachers will be attending the SD Lutheran Educators’ Conference in Pierre.  On October 8 we also observe Columbus/Native American Day.


Midterm grades for students in grades 3 through 5 will be sent home on Monday, October 15.  Our first Parent Teacher Conference will be scheduled for Thursday and Friday, November 1 & 2.  Please note there will be NO PRESCHOOL on either of these days.  Grades K through 5 will dismiss at 11:15AM on Thursday and there will be no school on Friday.  On November 1 Preschool Conferences will be scheduled from 8AM-6PM; Grades K-5 conferences will be scheduled from 1-6PM.  On November 2, Preschool – Grade 5 Conferences will be scheduled from 8AM to Noon.


This year our Girls’ Basketball Team consists of players in the fourth and fifth grades.  We are looking forward to a great season.  This year’s team includes: Maddison Altstiel, Ella Bradeen, Maci Kerns, Madison Scott, Elizabeth Sutton, Ashlynn Wellman, Kaelyn Bertsch, Molly Cummings, Lexi Martin, Miah Mitchell, Remy Myers, and Amelia Sander.

The team is coached by Miss Birkmire and Ms. Kenyatta Bickham.

The girls will be practicing for their upcoming games in October and November.  Please join us as we cheer for our Girls’ Basketball Team!

Pajama Day!

     On Wednesday, October 31, Zion Lutheran School will be holding a pay to wear Pajama Day.  For $1 students and teachers will be able to wear their comfy pajamas to school.  Proceeds from this event will go towards Zion’s tuition assistance fund.  Money can be turned into students’ classroom teachers.

Thank You!

     Thank you for your donations for the rest of the tile needed to finish our tiling project!  We are now gathering donations for the cost of installation.  If you would like to donate towards tile installation, please see Nora in the school office or place money in the coffee can located by the library glass wall in the hall.  Thank you!

Mindset Moment for October:

What is Growth Mindset?

Stanford researcher Carol Dweck has developed the idea of “Mindsets”. Her research centers around the idea that human intelligence, creativity, athleticism and other qualities are not fixed traits that we are born with. Rather, they are malleable ones that with time and effort can be changed.

There are two basic mindsets; a “Fixed Mindset” in which people believe that talent and intelligence are fixed and can’t be changed. “Growth Mindset” on the other hand sees these traits as ever changing, which can be developed with effort, learning and dedication.

This idea does not ignore the fact that all of us have different God given talents and abilities. However, the idea of mindsets seeks to not limit how far we can go with experience and effort. Carol Dweck states in her book Mindset, “a person’s true potential is unknown (and unknowable); that it’s impossible to foresee what can be accomplished with years of passion, toil and training.”

At Zion we are actively working to teach these concepts to our students. Check out each month’s principal’s note for another segment in which we explore these ideas further. Coming in November “My Brain is Like a Muscle That Grows.” Or if you want to learn more try checking out the Youtube video “Growth Mindset: What it is, How it Works, Why it Matters” or see Mrs. Aker for more information!


Our Chapel offerings will go to the American Brain Tumor Association.


2          Board of Education Meeting @ 6PM

                        Mrs. Meloy Music Lessons Begin

3          Chapel led by 4th grade @ 1PM

Fine Arts Session 2 of 6

New Member Classes begin @ 6PM

            4          Educators’ Conference- No School

5          Educators’ Conference- No School

            8          Columbus / Native American Day

                         No School

10        Chapel w/ Pastor Lindenberg @ 8:30AM

            PTL Meeting @ 2PM

            Fine Arts # 3

            New Member Class @ 6PM

11         4th Grade leads chapel @ BHLS @ 8:45AM

Faculty Book Study @ 3:15PM

           15         Midterms

                        4th Grade Field Trip to Schambers’ Garden

17        Chapel led by Pastor Edwards @ 8:30AM

Cookie Dough Pick-UP 3-5PM

Fine Arts Session 4 of 6

New Member Class

18        4th Grade Field Trip to Outdoor Campus

            Faculty Calendar Meeting @ 3:15PM

22-26   Red Ribbon Week

   23     J.A.M. for 4th & 5th Grade Meets @ 6PM

   24     Chapel / BHLS @ 8:30AM

            Fine Arts Session 5 of 6

New Member Class

25     West Hills Village Court Yard Residents visits Zion School @ 1PM

         Faculty Meeting @ 3:15PM

   28     1st Communion @ Zion Lutheran Church Services

  31      $1 Pajama Day             NO Fine Arts