Kindergarten – Graumann

Kindergarten – Graumann


Mrs. Graumann


Monday Note – February 19th, 2019

Dear Parents,

No School on Monday for President’s Day. We’ll be learning more about Washington and Lincoln this week, as well as praying for our President.

I will be sending home our Student Treasure Book Orders this week. This is different than the Scholastic Book order. It is a class book we are making about what they will be when they grow up. Each child will have their own page so it’s quite the keepsake. I have to have a form for everyone even if you do not want to order one, please mark the no and return the form.  We will be starting the illustrations this week.  I can show you your child’s section if you’d like to see it before you order.

Our Bible lessons continue to deal with Jesus’ miracles. We’ll learn about Jesus healing the paralyzed man. Our Bible verse is from Isaiah 26:4 “Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.”

We’ll begin to work with short “a” words this week.  Everyone is catching on to phonetically stretching out words to spell or read them. Keep them writing at home!  We’re having fun several ways with these words. We have word family books we read and riddles to figure out.  Then we list the family words (like cat, bat, chat, etc.)  This week we work with the –at, -an, and –ap families.  We are also playing a spelling game called “Making Words.” Each have little letter cards (5 at this time) that we spell 8 to 10 words with. The last “mystery” word uses all 5 letters!  Some love the challenge of trying to figure out the mystery word!  We begin to really have fun with other phonetic skills, too, learning about blends and diagraphs, word families and much more. Not long ago we discovered compound words and suffixes, too, such as –ing. It’s such an exciting time. They don’t master all of this yet, but they enjoy being introduced!

          We have been doing a lot of writing lately either in our writer’s workshop or our journals. They are learning so much, but it may still be hard to read or very short.  The most important part right now is that they all think of themselves as writers and they enjoy writing! Encourage any writing you can at home, too!  One or two little sentences a day of their choosing, can help reinforce many skills – using capitals at the beginning, punctuation at the end, space between words, knowing that those fast words they’ve been learning can be spelled without stretching them out, but any other words can be stretched out to hear as many sounds as possible. That one little sentence a day is very powerful practice!

In math we are really honing our number sense now. They need to be able to count on and back from any number, understanding just what one more and one less is. Many can now add or subtract 2 or 3 from something also, using the same understanding. Some are still counting all the dots on the dice, rather than counting on. So this is a good time to work on that skill. Use real objects to add two small sets together, encouraging them to count on or back! Keep counting to 100 in the car, but make them start at any number you give, such as 28 or 47.

God’s Blessings on your week!
Natalie Graumann