President:  Bob Herz

  • Conducts all Voters Meetings and Meetings of the Board of Directors
  • Sees that all Boards and Committees are carrying out their functions and responsibilities
Vice President:  Devon Burke
  • Chairs the annual review of the finances, the handbook and nominating committee
Secretary:  Hope Rose
  • Records and publishes the minutes of all voter's and Board of Directors meetings
Board of Finance: Dave Withee, Director/Treasurer

        About the Board:
  • Oversees the income and expenditures of the church
  • Tracks the annual budget
  • Organizes weekly counters
Board of Lay Ministry: Ken Palmreuter, Director
        About the Board:
  • Contacts, visits and prays with inactive members, the ill, homebound and hospitalized
  • Supports and builds up the Pastoral Staff
  • Assists in orderly worship (Scripture readers, assist with Holy Communion, etc.)
Board of Trustees: Phil Schweppe, Director
       About the Board:
  • Maintains the church property, equipment and grounds
  • Enlists work crews for special projects such as repair, improvement, cleaning, painting, decorating, landscaping, etc..

Board of Christian Education: Joel Palmreuter, Director

About the Board:
  • Supervises the total program of education in the church to include Sunday School, Day School, Pre-School, Daycare, Youth and Adult Bible Classes, and Vacation Bible School
  • Encourages the professional growth of the educational staff
  • Reviews curriculum and materials
Board of Outreach:  Lynette Epp, Director

About the Board:
  • Fosters a climate of evangelism that encourages the congregation to share Christ with one another, the inactive, and the unsaved
  • Responsible for follow up and contact with visitors
Board of Stewardship: Jeana Holso, Director

About the Board:
  • Initiates and supports programs that promote good stewardship attitudes in members of the congregation in regards to time, talents and treasures
Board of Youth Ministry: Jessica Ulmer, Director

About the Board:
  • Involves the youth of the congregation in the work of Christ
  • Promotes Christian fellowship for the young people of the congregation
  • Assists the Youth Development Leader with projects and events
Members at Large: Steve Phelps and Debbie Likens
  • Contact person for the Congregation that brings information to the attention of the Board of Directors

If you are interested in joining a board or have any questions, contact the President or Director of any of the boards

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