Tuition Options for the 2018-2019 Zion School Year





$4265 first child                   $3840 each additional child

Community Rate is available to all upon request.           

To receive community rate, parent or guardian attends one session given by Pastor concerning what doctrines will be taught at Zion Lutheran School. If you are currently a member of a sister LCMS Congregation, this class session is not required.




$2185 first child               $1970 each additional child

This active member rate is given to the school by Zion Lutheran Church in honor and support of the family’s
commitment to Christian Education.
“Active” Zion Church Member Rate encourages active membership in Zion Lutheran Church. 
  • The desired goal is weekly attendance at worship and Bible study at Zion Lutheran Church. The Board of Christian Education has made the decision that a minimum of 50% church attendance is required to obtain the Active Member Rate. Tithing is also an important goal for each church member as we present our gifts to God.
  • Attendance is tracked through teacher records and Office 360(church office record of friendship pad signing). Attendance is mainly determined through signing the “friendship pad.” 
  • Parents/Guardians may attend the Pastor’s session concerning doctrines taught at Zion Lutheran School.




Registration fee (1/10 of the tuition) will be reduced by $100/first child, $50/each additional child, with one of the
following two options:
·         Authorization for Direct Debit must be completed giving Zion Lutheran School authorization to deduct monthly
tuition from your checking/savings account.

·         Authorization must be submitted at the time of registration to receive the deduction.

·         Sign up for the 1-pay or 2-pay payment plans. 

o    $100 will be deducted from the amount due September 1st for the 1-pay plan, $50 for each additional child or

o  $50 will be deducted from the amount due on September 1st and January 1st for the 2-pay plan, $25 each additional child. 

o  Payments must be received on or before the 1st of these months in order for the reduction to apply.



Book fee for all students  
$175 first child / $150 each additional child

Preschool                                2017-2018                                              

Registration                                 $70

3 year olds                                  $115
4 year olds (3 days)                      $145
4/5 year olds (5 days)                   $235

Full preschool/Daycare                  $525 per month

Daycare                                      $3.45/hour


Summer Daycare                 2017

Registration                                 $55

Weekly                                       $110
Part Time(Limit of two days)          $60
Part Time ( Limit of three days               $80 


Activity Fee

3-5 year olds                               $15

6-11 year olds                             $20



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